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a bachelor at time of death lies

说出了不找女友的15条理由 Speak don't seek the girl friend's 15 logical arrangements from
1, the tallest state in the swordsmanship be "have no sword".Life if ability reach at the Si, does the man reply He2 Qiu2?
2, definitely have no brokenhearted of pain and sufferings.The truth is very plain, compare to the poor Han will not drop purse similar.
3, philosopher say, a women equal 500 duck.Even if is me have no matter, can't keep so many duck, either, much less my business son be a lot of.
4, the breeze of at present savage girl friend be widely accepted, don't seek a girl friend in really body for himself consideration, can't who call Za too thin.
5, need not to accompany to sit to watch sad feeling film, finish see need not to pass hand towel.
6, can let the regularly tired month ground of a girl harm an unrequited love(the N is a not- negative integral.After this article announce, N=0).
7, need not obey rules and regulations, refrain from rash action skeleton, so make a sage form.I am a vulgar person, the skeleton used to dissolute, can't change also don't want to change.
8, meet beauty, can recklessly see enough, but will not have any bad result.Even the friend of her male beside didn't also relation, he be in no way return the opportunity of shot.
9, don't seek a girl friend is also the saint Xun of the ancients."Three people line, necessarily have me the teacher" the student who depended to do to learn hair the bore Sir of wealth to it say, .It is thus clear that he work hard of old man's house, otherwise, "three people line, necessarily have a lamp bulb" he will say, .
10, will not face two difficult choices of "you want it(she), still keep wanting me".My love sport, love tour, fall in love with a net, fortunately they all will not give I lift such as this kind of the hard nut to crack of "two choose a".
11, seek a beauty to be a girl friend, compare to buy a good bicycle, the day defend to rob, the night defend to steal, the day be long, perhaps good nervous prostration;Seek an ugly female, more not what I expected."Plato of be in love theory I is ability see, ability speech, but can't line" Lu is fast to say, .I am also similar.
12, if I some day unfortunate become famous, then come out a women, origin the book call 《the XXX be 23 matters with me 》, big earn its money, am I not Kui big?
13, will not carry on the back up the bad reputation of "heavy color light friend".The time have no matter son stem, can drink with friend big bowl son, the big piece son eat meat.
14, for the beauty, I although the heart look forward to it, will never pursue her.Elephant if I the so excellent boy pursue her, don't make her ego felling better than me?
15, listen to LLA(LOVELOSERASSOSIATION) the comradeses criticize repeatedly fought and lost pathetic experience, is make sympathize with to comfort a form solid heart in dark and great.In fact, world origin have no matter, much ado about nothing.I can't from find matter son."Woman forever injury not man", Si speech truly Zai!
finally finished write.I know many people to want to chop down me, can't, this year for the sake of the truth return true get have a little son sacrifice spirit.文章源自两天的博客-https://2days.org/462.html

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